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Haga LivsCenter contributes to sustainable people, a sustainable working life and a sustainable world. We put people and personal sustainability at the center and offer services and programs for the individual and for the working life that are based on Agenda 2030 and the UN Global Sustainability goals. Our mission is to work for sustainable and prosperous people and a working life and a society that unites health – development – economic growth.

Agenda 2030

The Founder and the CEO of the company is Fredrik Bengtsson, Psychologist

Fredrik is certified in ECR (Emotional Capital Report) which is a development tool for leaders to develop from managers to leaders through focus on Emotional Intelligence.

Fredrik is also certified in the Four Rooms of Change, which is a tool based on existential psychology that guides people, organizations and systems in change processes and transformation.

Fredrik is an existentially educated psychologist and Haga LivsCenter holds together the network of existentially oriented psychologists in Sweden. He is also a member of the board of SEPT (www.sept.se)

“The point is not what we expect from life, but rather what life expects from us”

Viktor E. Frank

About Haga LifeCenter

Haga LifeCenter was founded in 2003 by Psychologist Fredrik Bengtsson. The purpose was to support people and working life to manage the paradigm shift that began around the year 2000 and which has become clear only now. A society in change creates anxiety and stress and Haga LifeCenter’s task has been to act as an oasis and support for people and organizations over the years. The paradigm shift itself, Fredrik has portrayed in his books ”Making life come together – about the work and life conditions of younger career people” 2000, ”The Way Further – on burnout as an opportunity” 2003, ”Getting the pieces in place – about the search for authenticity and self-esteem” 2005, ”The Good Life and the Four Rooms of Change” 2011 and ”Lifeplanning – A holistic approach to burnout and depression” 2020. ”Continuous reflections on social development he also communicates via his blog” The Good Life ”fredrikbengtsson.nu.

Fredrik Bengtsson is an Existentially Oriented Psychologist and within the framework of Haga LifeCenter, he has briged theory and understanding of the outside world into concrete programs and services to support individuals and organizations to heal from burnout, depression and anxiety and to develop resilience and a personal sustainability formula. As an Organizational Psychologist, Fredrik has worked with supporting and guiding managers and management groups in Swedish and international companies to unite sustainable employees, well-functioning managers and a healthy culture – with good economic profitability and development. As a Strategic Consultant in the field of health, Fredrik works with supporting Insurance companies and organizations to develop services that lead to improved health and well-being for their customers and/or employees.

As a Clinical Psychologist, Fredrik has developed unique programs based on Existential Psychology where the sense of meaning is considered to be the center of life. Through these programs he and his team help people who are affected by stress, exhaustion, life crisis, depression and anxiety disorders to regain health, well-being and to build resilience. The Life Planning program, which was launched in 2003, has helped thousands of people to heal from Psychological distress and is being offered in different versions and for different target groups. There is also a proactive version of the program named ”Balance in Life” . ”See more under the Individual Support tab”.

When the Agenda 2030 and The Global Goals were formulated in 2015, the world got a structure to relate to which also includes the Social Sustainability goals where, among other things, Health and Well-Being and a Sustainable Working Life are included. Haga’s long work and experience of working with these issues meant that the focus now became to contribute in various ways to the realization of the goals in Sweden and internationally.

Haga LifeCenter started as an idea to offer an oasis for people to obtain self-empowerment, inspiration and guidance.

The core of the business is man and man’s existential and psychological needs, where personal sustainability, growth and prosperity is Haga’s special nisch. Haga offer its services in Sweden and internationally such as in other European countries and in the USA. It has also a visionary role since 2013 to work with Senegal and the Ivory Coast in West Africa to support them in the work on Agenda 2030 with mutual learning and exchange between Sweden and therse countries and more recently in the Middle East. In everything we do and no matter where we go, we assume that Sustainability begins with you!

”Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation. You cannot control what happens to you in life, but you can always control what you will feel and do about what happens to you”

Viktor E. Frankl


Haga LifeCenter offers services catering to The Individual, to The Organization, and to The Society

01. The Individual

  • Psychoterapy/Counselling
  • Lifeplanning –a treatment program for stress, burnout, depression, life-crises
  • Life in Balance – a self-development program to build personal sustainability

02. The Organization

  • Support to Managers and HR in creating and implementing health strategy and related services
  • Group development
  • Leadership development

03. The Society

  • Consultant in Strategic Social Sustainability Work Entrepreneur/Promoter of Agenda 2030 activites for Organizations, Regions and Nations.
  • Reserach projects, seminars, writing





This program is focusing on supporting Managers of various organisations who suffer from stress and burnout to find healing and to create a plan for their personal sustainability. The second part of the program focus on their responsibility and ability as Managers to enchance health and sustainability at the work-place. This program will be offered during spring and autumn.

For more information, please contact Fredrik Bengtsson at info@hagalivscenter.com


Life in Balance – Online course

This online course is for you who experience symptoms of stress and who wish to be proactive and/or who is recovering from stress-related illness who wish to maintain focus on your well-being and your personal sustainability. This popular course is open for everyone and is running at several times a year.

For more information see the information sheet below and/or contact Fredrik Bengtsson at info@hagalivscenter.com


”The meaning of life is to give life meaning”

Viktor E. Frankl


Emotional Capital Report – ECR

ECR is a leadership development tool that provides professional people with a comprehensive interpretation of their leadership potential based on their emotional intelligence.

For more information contact Fredrik Bengtsson at  info@hagalivscenter.com



Fredrik Bengtsson


Psychologist & CEO

Fredrik is the Founder of Haga LifeCenter and is an expert in the field of health and work environment.

Driving forces:

Contributing to sustainability and the good life of people, organizations and society at large.


Visionary and entrepreneur with deep wisdom and broad and deep practical experience of all dimensions of life.


(Member of SEPT) Certification: 4 rooms of change, ECR – Emotional intelligence


+46 8 22 40 40



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